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The Locust

The Locust is a band from San Diego, California. It’s 1.55 in the morning, and I can’t be bothered to describe them, so check out the websites below if any of this interests you. You may find some of these questions similar to my Arab on Radar questions, as they are relevant to both bands (since they were on tour together and stuff). I don’t know which member it was who answered these questions, but whoever it was, thanks.

So for all the readers out there, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band.

Bobby: Guitar, Justin: Bass, Joseph: Keys , Gabe: Drums

You’re a band which tour a lot, and seem to devote a lot of time to what you do musically. Have you reached the position yet where you can live off being in the Locust? Or do you have to work the band in between work schedules, or vice versa.

I don’t thing we’ve necessarily reached the point where we can live only off of playing in the locust. Some of us have jobs or a record label or financial aid. We all have pretty hectic lives but it seems like we try to work our schedules around what we need to do with the locust more than anything else.

Are there any particular bands around at the moment that you feel a complete affinity with? Maybe not musically, but in the context of ideas?

Sure. Bands like Erase Errata, Lightning Bolt, Arab on Radar, Rah Bras, Orthrelm (etc., etc.). I think all of them musically and ideologically come from different places but have something about them (different things, really) that I feel is invaluable to the evolution of music overall.

I’m interested in the Locust’s stance on “hardcore/punk”. As the term is vague, I will be more specific and say that I’m referring to bands like Los Crudos, His Hero is Gone, Drop Dead, Crossed Out etc. and a lot of the old crust, thrash stuff. Are these bands which you still listen to, or even interest you anymore? Have any of these bands ever had any influence on the Locust?

zzzzz. The bands you’ve mentioned are great (some better than others) but you’ve left off Born Against (whoops! – LY). I think if there’s any band associated with that hardcore scene that I still listen to often it’s them.

How have you enjoyed your previous tours in Europe? How was the UK for you guys, despite some dumb crowds? Do you have any plans to come back at all?

Europe is always fun. UK is fun (dumb crowds are everywhere- it’s what you do with them that counts). We’ll probably come back some time in 2003; no set plans yet.

How was the OOPS tour? Was it a success? If so, did it surprise you that a tour which centred around three pretty bizarre bands could be so popular?

OOPS was great. One of the most fun tours I think the locust has done yet, so yes it was successful. I’m happy to know 3 bizarre bands can get together and plan a circus in towns across this country and have some open minded people enjoy the festivities with us.

How marketable do you consider the Locust to be? Do you think there are certain people out there who are trying to think of ways about how to make money off your backs?

I try not to think of marketing as an angle to anything. Everything is marketable if you have the money to market it- most things don’t deserve the cash spent on them. There probably are people who try to think of ways to make money off our backs [see ebay].

It’s been pretty well “spread around”, shall we say, that you are doing a couple of releases for ANTI and Ipecac. How did these labels come into contact with you guys? When did Mike Patton express an interest in the Locust, and have you ever met him?

(They) Came to our shows and/or emailed us. Apparently Mike Patton had tried getting a hold of us a while back but had the wrong contact info. I think he was turned on to us by Kid 606. He’s come and seen our band play and we’ve seen his bands play- he’s always a pleasure to be around.

What were the last three great bands you saw live, the last three great records you heard? What bands would you recommend for corrupting our minds?

Fast Forward, Quix*o*toc, Erase Errata. Check out all three’s most recent efforts.

What’s next for the Locust? Any plans, ambitions etc? Anymore interesting merchandise lined up? Fridge magnets or action figures maybe?

We’re writing a new full length. Next up: world domination.

What is your opinion on the infamous UK noise group Whitehouse?

Not familiar with them. Are they anything like SPK?

Thanks a lot for your time! Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you.

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