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BoyracerStewart from Boyracer talks about Boyracer

The US tour was mostly good. It was pretty knackering towards the end. We spent three months and did around 50 shows. Some places we played were really scary, like Wichita, Kansas and Huntington in West Virginia. It was like you would imagine walking into a bar in the middle of America and realising you didn’t really want to be there. The west and east coast dates were largely very successful and lots of people came to see us. Rock’n’roll stories? Mmmm…We’re not too rock’n’roll as bands go, but Ged (our drummer) did sleep with lots of women and take cocaine after becoming very pally with a ridiculous band we played with called The Drag, who reached unbelievable levels of shite cock rockness. I pray they never make it as far as Europe…

The current line-up is err Me at the moment. Matty (gtr) has just got a job and moved to Spain. Nicola (bass) has given up music after seeing the appalling way the American music industry works, and I have no wish to continue making music with Ged (drums). So, not really sure what will happen. There are lots of new records forthcoming.

My fave bands are Adam & the Ants, B-52s (78-85), the Cramps, Minor Threat, Field Mice, the Fall, Henrys Dress, Beck, Beatnik Filmstars etc etc…

There is good music being made in every town I am sure. Leeds has some brilliant bands: Hood, Rudolf Rocker, Beachbuggy, 78 b.p.m. There is quite a healthy scene amongst our friends. We help each other out with gigs and equipment etc. Like a community atmosphere. Nice.

No UK labels have ever approached us apart from Sarah and Sticky, so no plans until someone does.

We have toured USA 3 times, been to Europe 3 times, released 10 7″s, 3 LPs, lots of other stuff and only ever had one review in the national music press. Not that we are bothered. We don’t play gigs in London (as last time we played 3 years ago we got paid £10), so we can’t expect to be included. I find it funny we have played New York more times than we have played in London. It’s sad to see how these things work, but if you think about too much you wouldn’t do anything.

Blackburn Rovers are our fave team. Nicola is from Accrington so I don’t wanna hear no Shearer jokes OK?

I have to go. I am painting my kitchen.