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Marceline works constantly, struggling to keep control over the diskant empire and the unruly staff. When not tearing at her hair in horror of the amount of unreplied emails stacking up or planning even more databases, she dreams of a diskant run by robot staff.

Email Marceline at overlord@diskant.net
Simon joined diskant after falling on his head. His jobs include harassing the columnists, making dinky graphics on demand, pointing out every single one of our typos and photocopying tea. He relaxes by looking like Steve Albini and doing email interviews with obscure record labels.

Email Simon at simonminter@diskant.net

Ollie spends his days building connections with websites all over the world. Amusing that, since he spends all his spare time on a mere two websites - Skylab and eBay -where you can watch him feverishly trade obscure US hardcore vinyl like a stock market professional. When not doing that he also spends a lot of time being very tall.

Email Ollie at linkmaster@diskant.net


Stuart has been at diskant for a long time, ever since the day he sucked up to the Overlord by interviewing her for a popular careers magazine. In return we swamp him with terrible, terrible demos every month and make him listen to them all while we stand outside the door and cackle at his screams of anguish. Sometimes he discovers an amazing new band though and then he gets to look clever and we don't.

Email Stuart at noise@diskant.net


Dave has been hanging around the diskant offices for so long that we eventually had no choice but to start talking to him. Our initial ploy of dumping all the leftovers from the Review Box on him and telling him to write about them all only made him keener so we thought we might as well give him a job searching out some new and exciting record labels.

Email Dave at dstockwell@diskant.net


John is a long time diskant comrade, having paid his dues by spending a couple of years in a cramped cupboard counting votes for the Mogwai Artzine. Strangely the experience caused him to love diskant with all his heart so now he spends his time searching out fantastic new writings for us.

Email John at jcoburn@diskant.net

Chris the shy and retiring type who only goes out 6 nights a week unless there's something really exciting happening on the other night as well. He used to look after our movie columns but he was rubbish at it so we demoted him to general editorial person. Let's see if he learns.

Email Chris at chrish@diskant.net
Greg has many tasks, including keeping the diskanteers in check and sucking up to the YahooGroups stormtroopers. When it all gets too much for him he wanders off downstairs into the dusty List Archives and amuses himself with the missives of bygone days...

Email Greg at gregkitten@diskant.net

The orginal diskant robot having locked himself in a cupboard in a failed attempt at getting more attention it's down to Robot-7 to save the day. He's unable to move his arms so he can't dance or punch cups but he makes up for it by running very fast along surfaces [preferably linoleum] and has a fondness for chinese tea and chocolate cake.

Email Robot-7 at robot-7@diskant.net

Discovered in the tiny lands of Essex, the diskant knight is the lordly protector of the diskant discussion list. He is currently involved in an apocalyptic war with a playmobil satan and a surfing pikachu on top of the diskant TV but also spends many an hour planning counter-attacks on the fearful Yahoo!Groups stormtroopers whenever their quality of service drops and they don't pass on messages quickly enough.

Mail the diskant knight at knight@diskant.net
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