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Welcome to jiji~punch, my jelly & icecream castle. This fanzine is named in honour of Jiji the little black kitten who can always kitten it up! He encapsulates all the things the 2 year-old side of me adores. There's also stuff on sanrio, music, toys, nintendo, tv and plastic tat.

all about jiji! All about Jiji! - Find out all about the game, the characters and their creators.

NEW!!! My dogfish project on-line

* NINTENDO: Generous self-controlled cartoon fun!
* 'DAWN OF THE REPLICANTS': Interview with Paul, discography, gig and album reviews, and the latest news and rumours. Now with 2 groovy new buttons!
* ME: Rejiggered page all about me and my endlessly fascinating life. Also with links to my fave sites.
* ANNOYANCES: Why do these things happen - why? Why do they - why?! My head's turning inside out again...
* IDIOT: Smashingly bizarre mini-zine featuring Toy Rescue, plastic tat, reviews of confectionary and links to other cool, fun and silly stuff! Only suitable for idiots.

Fun with polygons!

Enter the twisted mind of geniusYou idiot!
Why do you hate me, world?

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