WILK002 - Tracer AMC
WILK003 - The Redneck Manifesto
WILK004 - Disoma/Escanna
WILK005 - Rumah Sakit
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WILK008 - Reynolds
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SRR016 - Hella/Dilute
January 04, 2010

After more than 4 years weíre finally back with an update to this here website, and as youíll soon see there isnít a lot of news. Essentially Errol has been on indefinite gardening leave now for half a decade and there is no sign of that changing anytime soon. Weíre now based in a small town in the west of Czech Republic which certainly changes things a little and I work only about 5 minutes from GZ which is where it all started for me. Which is, in the end, just a little strangeÖ

In the end Errol was fantastic when it lasted and I must thank all of the bands I worked with along with all the other labels, shops, distros, zines, web overlords, promoters and interested people who helped out when the label was up and running. A DIY label like Errol needed a lot of goodwill and I always found people willing to pitch in putting records together, putting on a show or just looking to make a swop. I had a lot of fun and hopefully made some decent records along the way. Certainly it had a major impact on my life.

I still have copies of the majority of releases stashed in a handy location in the UK if anyone is interested with a 25% discount off all the prices on the website. Please send me an email with what you want and we can arrange the paypal and shipment off line.

We donít plan any further releases and Iím not sure Iíll be updating this webpage again in the near future. Thanks again and keep on supporting the little guys!

December 08, 2007

So more than 2 years since the last update, thought it was about time I added something here. It'll be the first update since I left the UK for a new life in Prague, Cz. I have to be honest and say that I have no plans for future releases at this time, cash is tight and I'm too busy trying to learn the language and how to ski! However the shop is still open and for every order from the back catalog I will throw in something extra for free - so take a peak and pick up something fantastic. I have stock left on most items except the early 7" releases where I'm down to the last 4-5 copies in most cases. Stay in touch and thanks for the continued interest...

June 08, 2005

BOOOO!! Surprise! I've finally managed to get the website updated. It only took me 8 months!! I'll write a proper update for this page sometime soon but for now please take a peek at the shop page and check out the SALE prices good for this month only.

I'm having the sale for two reasons. The first is that Errol was 5 years old last month and I thought a sale was a nice way of you nice people celebrating with us! The second is that I'm leaving London and the UK to move to Prague in July for a year or so. So I need to raise some extra cash for the move and also the less stuff I have here to move the better. So have a peak and grab a bargain. More soon....

November 14, 2004

HELLO! Yes I'm still getting this together but the demos and band pages should be up within the next few days. I know it's been literally years between updates but now the new site is finally up it's much easier for me to do things so fingers crossed it'll be better from now on.

Although Errol has been forced to take a back seat over the last couple of years he remains active. Albeit a touch lazy! He has however managed to woo Danish band Barra Head to allow us to release their incredible 2nd album as a split release with their own label PlayRec. Out in Denmark now it'll be out in the UK proper through Cargo on the 24th January. Although you can get one from me before then if you just can't wait. Just email me for more details until the shop is up and running. The band are threatening to tour briefly in the UK around the time of the release which would be awesome!! The last time they were here they played shows with Germany's Jullander and our own Reynolds and Billy Mahonie!! Something to look forward to then...

I also have some copies of two fantastic double live CDs on Sickroom Records in stock! Each release features two bands and each band gets their own CD with an entire gig from them on. The first is split between Sweep the Leg Johnny and Rumah Sakit, with the second between Dilute and Hella!!! Both of these finally had a proper UK release through Cargo just last month so check out your local independent shop or mail order. Or of course you can buy them direct from Errol! Just drop me an email.

So anyway once again I apologise for the tardyness of the Errol world recently. It will get better!! If you would like any further info on anything Errol related then please do not hesitate to get in touch, otherwise check back soon to see the new content as it gets added to the site.

October 21, 2004

Please check back soon for full information on new Errol releases and a couple of special import items!! To include the new Barra Head album and a double live CD from Hella and Dilute!


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