Sweep the Leg Johnny/Rumah Sakit
- Live September 9th, 2000

Double CD

Recorded live at legendary San Francisco club, The Bottom Of The Hill, this pair of discs provides a snapshot of two inimitable musical forces at the height of their respective prowess.

Operating within the bay area's prolific breeding ground, Rumah Sakit have distinguished themselves as a band that defies convention at every turn. A savage intercourse erupts between the reckless and the restrained. Expectations are washed asunder as playful compositions pitch and roll like the ocean, building into sweeping crescendos and then crashing down with a striking level of poise and control.

For nearly a decade, Chicago's Sweep The Leg Johnny have toured and played with a passion that has not only built them a strong and unique musical foundation, but resulted in a countless amount of respect and admiration from their peers worldwide. Their sound is solid as steel, yet almost incomprehensible in the depth of its subtlety. Pulsating rhythms hold the body mesmerized, while intertwining melodies and fragmented vocals resonate with a sense of desperate energy

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