What have you been up to?
Writing a couple of film scripts for a competition, one on Bridge. The other about faking your own death. Training down gym as usual, running 800s an all for something special planned.

Where are you from?
Staplehurst, a small village 9 miles south of Maidstone, Kent. The Garden of England.

Do you have a ring name?
You don't get names until you've really trained and worked on a gimmick. I always used to like Hanuman. He was the hardest guy in the Buddhist religion but people refused to call me it 'cause I looked like a monkey.

How heavy and tall are you?
Somewhere around 13 stone 8 lbs. Six foot one.

What made you want to become wrestler?
I was always thin and kinda weedy. I feel in love with the sport first time I saw it and my interest never declined. I couldn't handle a normal job and want to prove you can achieve your dreams if you really want to. I love attention and think the mix of athleticism and charisma would suit me well.

What have you done about trying to become a wrestler?
For the past three years I've trained heavy weights 4 or 5 times a week. I've adapted my diet and taken safe supplements. I've visited a wrestling school in Cincinnati and taken a few bumps in the ring to see how it feels. I've been spending ages trying to sort out a job/visa over there.

Who have you spoken to?
A guy called Les Thatcher, an ex-pro wrestler who's been in the business most of his life. He's a real exponent of the sport and a great personality.

How far do you hope to get?
What I achieve is of secondary importance really. I've gained some weight but I'm still small for a wrestler. My body type means there is very little chance I'd ever be a "name" but some smaller guys have done well. What's important is that I don't chuck it in. Even if I only end up working behind the scenes it'll be enough 'cause I love the sport.

What injuries are the biggest risk?
Joints. Taking big bumps, knees, ankles, lower back and neck can all get serious injuries. A pro at the end of his career will generally have some form of replacement/modified joints.

Do you fancy cage matches?
They're an easy way to get a pop, that's a good reaction from the crowd. But they tend to get away from actual wrestling plus risk injuries a bit more. I'd do one for the crack, no pun intended.

What do you think is the best gimmick match?
I love ladder matches because of the thrill they usually give. Sable and Luna's Ballgown Match was quite a good one too. Generally though stipulations only work for one off shock value.

WWF or WCW? Why?
To chose one or other is really a pointless thing to do, since most wrestlers work for both at some point in their career. From a fan's perspective I prefer WWF probably because I grew up with the gimmicky side of wrestling. I think WWF has made better use of its talent in most cases. Terry Taylor (Red Rooster) and Matt Borne (Doink) notable exceptions.

Do you think ECW has an undeserved bad reputation?
If bad means unnecessarily violent then maybe. Wrestling is a violent sport and some people go to see it for that reason. If bad means not good wrestling then possibly. While most of the guys there are very talented wrestlers, excess of violence can take away from this.

Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan?
95% of fans would say Flair 'cause they think they're being a knowledgeable fan. He is undoubtedly a better wrestler technically and has a charisma you couldn't teach but you cannot argue about what Hogan has done for the sport, along with Vince McMahon. They're the yin and yang of the great sport.

Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels?
On a par probably. While Bret is more professional, outside the ring Michaels is one of the best workers in the sport.

Is Sting overrated?
A little I'd say, although I admit I haven't seen a lot of his matches. Plus I'm still on the outside looking in.

What's your all time favourite match/incident/event?
Match: Flair-Savage Wrestlemania VII. Incident/Event: Impossible to pick one but when things don't go to plan and when the wall of silence WWF vs WCW was broken.

All time favourite Pay Per View event (if different to above)?
Royal Rumble 92

Who's your all time favourite wrestler?
Ric Flair, 'cause you can learn so much watching him.

Who's your all time favourite manager?
Bobby Heenan.

All time favourite commentator?
Bobby Heenan/Jerry Lawler

What were the circumstances whereby you came very close to Sunny?
The guy who runs the school in Cincinnati had dinner with her and her husband the week before I first visited. Les is an advisor to training Chris Candido (Skip), Sunny's husband.

What's your all time favourite ring music?
Demolition's is pretty good.

If your life could be something fictional, what would it be?
Somekind of superhero but one that actually got loads of action with birds. Maybe to have a superbird to fight crime with then go home to the superkids.

What were you like at school?
Until puberty a bit of a monster. I craved attention and the classes were too easy for the most part, so I just irritated teachers. During those dark years I became a bit of a recluse, stuck at an all boys school. Then when I came out of my coccoon I reverted to my previous personality but more annoying as it was no longer accepted to act like a 10 year old.

Why do people dismiss wrestling?
Most people don't see the art behind the brashness. They don't appreciate how tough the King Of Sports really is. They can't get beyond the showmanship aspect and assert the views on a very limited knowledge.

Who make up the majority of the wrestling audience?
In the US its largely young male adults although the family aspect is still important. In the UK its generally an older, working class audience but the British game is a world apart. Talking US wrestling, most fans in Europe are teenagers.

What state is wrestling in in the 90's?
The 90s is far too long a period to assign one definition. Early 90s wrestling had a push world-wide but like the push a few years earlier, it slowed considerably a few years later. The Steroids scandal amongst others (Barry Orton's sexual harassment case) affected wrestling badly plus the ratings war has made much more competitive markets. In 1998 it has a mid card placing, better than before Wrestlemania but not close to it's recent hey day. If it can flourish again it will so by sound wrestling rather than gimmicks.

Is Vince McMahon good or bad?
Good and bad too vague. Good in that he made wrestling more commercially acceptable and available. Bad in that he ran a lot of smaller promotions out of business and even today jips major stars. But its still a close doors business environment. You have to have the right personality to get things done.

Music questions: What's your favourite band?
Mamas & Papas probably.

Favourite song?
The Next Life by Suede. Or Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

Favourite album?
Blur - Parklife.


[taken from No Pictures 9]