In years to come one of my claims to fame my be that I had heard of Magoo before they were signed to Chemikal Underground. Before Chemikal Underground laid out their Home Sweet Home mat, they were on Norwich's Noisebox which came in handy being from Norwich and all. It certainly will have kept bus fares to the studio down. Noisebox have released an album of their pre-Chemikal Underground releases, many of which are out of print. It'll be their Ten Rapid/Incesticide then. On Chemikal Underground they've done singles aplenty but most importantly they've put out the Soateramic Sounds Of..... album. We'll call it eclectic. A-Z And Back Again and Red Lines (Are Fine) are the singles the record has spawned. The highlight for me though is the solemn Queen Of The 8-Bus Singers. Catch them live and be subjected. They're made up of Andrew, Hodge, Dave and Owen. Guess the rest:

NP: Did you name yourselves after the visually impaired old gentleman?
Andrew: Yes we did. We were desperate for a name.

NP: I drive just like him. Do any of you?
Hodge: I drive slowly and sensibly.
Dave: I don't, I drive with speed and stupidity.

NP: Have you heard about Disney getting a bollocking for remaking Mr Magoo with Leslie Nielsen? According to certain Americans its not politically correct.
Andrew: I'd heard they were doing it. I hadn't heard about the Disney bollock stuff.

NP: Do you ever get confused with Mogwai because of your name?
Dave: Yes, how do you think they got where they are today?

NP: What's this about you having a split single with them? (SABBATH!) What song?
Dave: Fierce Panda single called something like "Two Sonic Scratches Of The Big Rock Arse - Magoo & Mogwai - Black Sabbath". Released on 23rd March.

NP: What will you be doing with Chemikal Underground record wise?
Andrew: We're releasing a single in May and a single and LP late August, early September, which is quite a long way off but how it has to happen it seems.

NP: Live you have covered Sebadoh. What's your favourite Lou Barlow stuff?
Andrew: Bubble And Scrape, Vampire, The Freed Pig, the end of Dreams, Willing To Wait. Everything else.

NP: Who are you influenced by?
Dave: The Moon.
Hodge: Flaming Lips, Pavement, Zappa, Snake Pliskin, Bon Jovi, Super Furry Animals, Radiohead, Sebadoh, Stones, Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel.
Andrew: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Yo La Tengo, Husker Du, Mercury Rev, Love, Palace, The Fall, Ennio Morricone.

NP: How did you come to be featured on the first Rebellious Jukebox single?
Andrew: We were asked. We said yes.

NP: Are you mates with Andy from Totally Wired?
Andrew: We've never spoken to him but he seems like a fine fellow.

NP: What did you think of the other three bands on the single? (Waddle, Action Jacks, Soma Ride)
Andrew: I'm not a big fan of the other bands on the single.

NP: What do you think of Arab Strap?
Andrew: I think they are really good but variety is the spice of life.

NP: Do you realise how good the Red Lines single sounds played at 33 rpm?
Dave: Never tried it but I promise I'll have a go.

NP: When will the Noisebox compilation CD (DNA?) be coming out?
Dave: It was Monday 23rd March 1998 but not anymore. The CD was done wrong and is now being re-done right. Its called "Close Continental D.N.A.".

NP: What do you know about Noisebox and financial problems?
Dave: I know nothing about the financial situation of Noisebox but after the CD cock up, it is probably not good as it once was.

NP: Are you going to appear on a Hummy & Joey EP in the near future?
Andrew: Yes.

NP: Do many people think you're from Glasgow?
Dave: Yes, we always shock people with our English accents.

NP: Is Puff Daddy satan?
Dave: No! He's a rapper/R'N'B superstar with a soft spot for rock.

NP: Do you have a message for Lando?
Dave: ZZ Top - fashion for the new millennium.

NP: Who's your favourite Simpsons character?
Hodge: Homer.
Andrew: Homer or Mr Burns.

NP: Is Norwich home to many slack jawed yokels?
Dave: I don't know but Kings Lynn certainly is.

NP: Which is better: Norwich or Ipswich?
Andrew: I've only been to Ipswich once and I had a very nice time. Norwich is often good for second hand records.

NP: Is there a healthy scene in Norwich?
Andrew: There is certainly starting to be.

NP: Ever coming to Colchester?
Andrew: Yes, someday.

NP: How come Elefant are releasing stuff by you?
Andrew: 3 years ago they said that they would put some things out and they've only just got around to it. So anything they put out is very old.

NP: Why do you like Galaxie 500?
Andrew: Because it's beautiful music. And a most wonderful voice (which went a bit normal with the Luna stuff).

NP: What was it like playing with Prolapse?
Dave: It was great but we never got to play Poof Hitler football, Heterosexual Churchill cricket or golf.

NP: What's the most angry you have ever made somebody?
Dave: Very angry.

NP: What's better/more evil: MTV or CCTV?
Dave: CCTV is more evil than MTV. MTV is better than CCTV.

NP: What are accountants?
Hodge: Accountants are nice persons who keep or inspect business accounts.

NP: Who's your favourite Metal band?
Hodge: Iron Maiden.
Dave: Saxon.
Andrew: MC5.

NP: What else would you like to say?
Dave: We can be e-mailed now. So much for lo fi.

[taken from No Pictures 8]