I first heard tut Secret Goldfish on Mark Radcliffe's night time programme with the amazing single, Come Undone, back in the day. With two albums out so far, Aqua Pet....You Make Me (on Creeping Bent) and Jet Streams (on Marina) the four piece are comprised of Katy McCullars (vocals), Paul Turnbull (drum drums), John Morose (guitars) and Steve McSeveney (bass). Another single Dandelion Milk Summer made John Peel's Festive 31 and was a good 'un. Here's answers to questions answered by Katy:

NP: How long have you been going?
SG: About three years.
NP: Are you from Glasgow?
SG: No no no. Lanarkshire, the depths and beyond. I'm from East Kilbride, John's from a tiny village called Glassford, Steven's from Shotts. Paul's from Glasgow but he's an Edinburgher now.
NP: Do you fit in with other Glasgow bands?
SG: What do you mean? Like Lego? Who knows? We are us and they are themselves. I'd happily 'fit in' with some of them, but definitely not all of them.
NP: Rangers or Celtic?
SG: Celtic all the way.
NP: Who are your main influences?
SG: The Shangri La's, Blondie, the Buzzcocks, the Sweet, Subway Sect, Lovin' Spoonful.
NP: Where did you come up with name Secret Goldfish from?
SG: In 'The Catcher In The Rye' it's the name of Holden Caulfield's big brother's book of short stories.
NP: Do sea monkeys exist?
SG: Sea monkeys? Why not. There are sea horses so they're probably sea monkeys too I expect.
NP: What will your next release be?
SG: 'Punk Drone', as one side of the next Creeping Bent Singles Club single. The other side is a brilliant track by Scientific Support Dept. from Glasgow.
NP: Whats your favourite Woody Allen film or do you just think hes a dirty old sod?
SG: I like lots of them - Annie Hall, Manhattan, Sleeper...
NP: Do English people have Tartan Envy?
SG: No I don't think so but lots of Americans do.
NP: What's the connection with Creeping Bent?
SG: It's the most innovative independent record label in Glasgow and we're happily glued together.
NP: Who is your favourite Simpsons character?
SG: Homer, because he's so obnoxious and un-PC which I like. John Morose is the Homer Simpson of the Secret Goldfish.
NP: Why did you cover Come As You Are?
SG: Because we liked it. The only reason to do anything. Also Marty Thau (New York Dolls/Suicide producer) asked us to do it specifically.
NP: Why was Jet Streams released on Marina as opposed to a British label?
SG: Because they approached us and they do good sleeves.
NP: Gentle Ben or Flipper?
SG: Flipper. Well actually Skippy to be truthful.
NP: Who is your favourite Star Wars character?
SG: I hate, loathe and detest Star Wars.
NP: What were you like at school?
SG: Style and hair-wise, very similar to Trisha Yates from Grange Hill. Otherwise very shy, good at English, abysmal at Maths and very busy snogging the school football team.
NP: What have you been doing today?
SG: Learning a Jonathan Richman song. Making broccoli and carrot soup and watching Ricki Lake.
NP: Have you ever written for/a fanzine?
SG: We put out one issue of a Creeping Bent magazine. It was mainly personal rants and funny pictures.
NP: What do you think of Texas?
SG: I travelled through it for 2 days on a bus once and slept outside and went horse riding. Yeh, it's brilliant. If you meant the band - nothing.
NP: If you were stranded on a desert island which band member would get eaten first?
SG: Whoever was fattest at that particular time.
NP: Have you ever heard of Colchester?
SG: It's in England somewhere.
NP: What are accountants?
SG: People who are good at Maths and enjoy counting.
NP: Do you think going DIY is a good idea?
SG: Yes. If things don't work out the way you wanted them to, you only have yourself to blame, therefore things usually work out just how you want them. It's harder work, but ultimately more workmanlike.
NP: What's the best review you have ever got?
SG: Reviewers don't really have a clue. I don't like any reviews.
NP: Where is Strawberry Street?
SG: In Bologna, Italy in a whole block of streets named after fruits and vegetables.
NP: Have you got a favourite Spice Girl?
SG: No, I think they're all the same.
NP: What is Girl Power?
SG: Oh god. Something really silly and 90s. A female journalist once asked me what it was like to be a 'woman in rock' - I can't answer questions like that.
NP: What's your favourite Chevy Chase film?
SG: I hate Chevy Chase.
NP: What else would you like to say that I haven't prompted you to say?
SG: Sorry for sounding so negative. If you'd asked me about 'Grease' I would've had many more positive things to say. It's very very grey and dreich and horrible up here right now and we're too busy looking forward to sunshine frolics in summer to think of anything else.

Creeping Bent
PO Box 3645
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[taken from No Pictures 8]