Have you heard of Bis? Of course you fucking have. Sci Fi Steven is the one who runs Teen-C Recordingz and kindly answered my questions. He, John Disco and Manda Rin will have their new record out this year on Wiiija (in the UK) and Grand Royal (in the US). Sci Fi Steven is exactly six months and two days older than me. Despite a petty, stupid backlash they're still here. And are moving onwards, refurnishing their sound, fitter than ever. Good!

"the best use of a drum machine since Big Black" - the Beastie Boys

FYI: Bis were the first Chemikal Underground band I heard and the initial CU record I bought. Their DIY ethic opened my eyes and probably my friends' also and pushed us to get Gringo Records up and running.

NP: How the hell are you?
S: Bloody radiant, sir.

NP: Are there any Bis side project bands?
S: Disco has Multiplex Cine-man, his techno collective. I have an as yet unrevealed hip hop alias.

NP: What did you think of Q (that wank mag for people who hate new music) dismissing you as one hit wonders?
S: Actually, Q were the only magazine to mention that we sold over 100,000 albums in Japan which is more than the NME did.

NP: What are the Beastie Boys like?
S: Our eccentric uncles.

NP: What's your favourite B Boy song?
S: "Finger Lickin' Good".

NP: Is it fun to do Top Of The Pops?
S: Can't remember, sorry.

NP: What about the Big Breakfast?
S: I wiggled my arse for Zag. Say no more.

NP: If you could work with anybody who would it be?
S: Graham Coxon.

NP: What was it like to be playing Reading while Metallica were?
S: Good until we weren't playing. We out rock those suckers anyday.

NP: Wouldn't it be cool if Steven Wells.............
S: wrote more about Belle And Sebastian

NP: What was the first record you bought?
S: Adam and the Ants' "Stand And Deliver".

NP: If you were stranded on a desert island which member of the band would get eaten first?
S: Me, cos I'm the tastiest.

NP: Which label would you like Teen-C to be like?
S: We aspire to the excellence of Slampt!

NP: Are there any planned future releases?
S: Pink Kross LP, Toenut 7" (when we can afford it).

NP: What are accountants?
S: People who steal your money.

NP: Who's your favourite Star Wars character?
S: The guy that was Mr Bronson in Grange Hill was pretty cool.

NP: What is Angela like?
S: A red, red, rose.

NP: What is the baddest thing you have ever done?
S: I dissed Ice T to his face, that's pretty baaaaddd!

NP: When was the last time you were in hospital?
S: When Angela decided to scrape her eyeball.

NP: Who's your favourite heavy metal band?
S: Sepultura, although they're not really metal, too good.

NP: Whatever happened to Paper Bullets?
S: It became Letter Bomb and issue 2 should be done within the next year, hopefully.

NP: Was the Conspiracy A-Go-Go sample taken from Slacker?
S: Well done, sir.

NP: What will Bis be up to in the future?
S: Doing what bands do. New album in the summer. Touring.

NP: Anything else?
S: Not getting enough sleep. Getting stylish for once. Eating too much cheese.

Albums by Bis
This Is Teen-C Power (Grand Royal US mini album, 1996)
New Transistor Heroes (Wiiija, 1997)
Social Dancing (Wiiija, 1999)

PO Box 3821
G46 6JY



[taken from No Pictures 8]