Talking shit with Malcolm from Arab Strap

After the Arab Strap gig in Colchester I got to talk with Ginger Strap concerning some things important and claimed. More of a bugged conversation than an interview......

J: Did you really write Tracy?
M: I did. Apparently they wrote one of our songs as well, New Birds from the new album, Dominic claims he wrote it first. I wrote the first verse when I was fourteen. Yes, I wrote Tracy. It was like a present, I started playing it and he seemed to like it so I said "have it". I wrote er, heard of a band called Oasis? A song called Roll With It? Same thing, Noel heard me play it and he went "I love that" and I was like going "have it".
J: Are you bitter?
M: No, I get all the money for those. No, I'm joking.
J: Yeah, otherwise you wouldn't come here would you.
M: Why not?
J: Colchester!?
M: Its better than Tunbridge Wells. We played here before, its a nice place.
J: Yeah, with Mogwai.
M: Aye, were you here? We played pretty bad. I think we were all out of faces that night.
J: I bought your record yesterday and I got fucking flack over the cover. In the shop, they were all taking the piss.
M: Which one was it?
J: Philophobia.
M: Oh yeah right. Bit of a bad cover, that wasn't my idea. I've totally removed myself from that.
J: Why'd he do it?
M: He just gets these ideas in his head and he thinks "that'll be smart". I'm saying "no, John and Yoko have already done it" and he's like "no it'll be smart". Its cool that his nob's so small. That's pretty smart.


[taken from No Pictures 8]