Dragg #3
20 pages/A5/copied/25p with SAE
This is the End Of The World issue of this HC fanzine featuring interviews with Jets To Brazil and Fracture zine inserted with numerous interesting articles ("other crap") alongside.
33 Queens Road, Kenilworth, Warks, CV8 1JQ, UK

Fracture #9
88 pages/A4/printed/1 X 50p A4 SAE
The ninth instalment of punk rock hot stuff. This issue contains interviews with Appleseed Cast, Vanilla Pod, Sunfactor and Babies 3 complete with the as usual fun and informative columns and extensive review sections.
PO Box 623, Cardiff, CF3 4ZA, Wales, UK

Joy Of Sonic Sounds #1
92 pages/A5/copied/1 with SAE
This is the best new fanzine I have seen all year. It features interviews with Twinkie, Seafood, Ganger, El Hombre Trajeado and Hirameka Hi Fi next to items on record shops in Buenos Aires, DIY spurge guns from the movie Bugsy Malone, a mistake littered obituary to wrestler Owen Hart ("Death Of A Hero"), an article called Mobile Phoneys and, wahoo, a piece on Eerie Indiana.
41 Danish Court, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 5EN,UK

Robots And Electronic Brains #5
44 pages/A5/copied/1 with SAE
The usual never-ending supply of reviews make way at the end for further Why Start A Label features including Slampt and interviews with Spraydog, San Lorenzo, Savoy Grand, David Rovics and Fuzz Townshend.
47 George Nuttall Close, Cambridge, CB4 1YE, UK

Blunderbuss #2
32 pages/A5/copied/50p with SAE
Here's a strange fanzine. There's an interview with Muse and an article on Alanis vs Natalie. In addition there are all sorts of other articles which I can't read.
1/3 Blunderbuss Towers, Wills Farm, Town Lot Lane, Felmersham, Beds, MK43 7HH