art and writing by:

marceline smith
jon jordan
carl bradley
chris summerlin
danny cameron
simon minter
rob strong
simon bond

Welcome to the Mogwai art fanzine.

The idea for this project came to me early 1998 when I was reading a lot of fanzines with great writing about Mogwai and people would write telling me what they thought of the album or of seeing them live. I loved reading stuff and thinking, 'that's exactly how I feel', so I asked a few people to write something or do some art about how Mogwai makes them feel.

In this way, this fanzine should strike a chord with anyone who loves any music, not just Mogwai. It's more about how we turn to music, rely on music, express our emotions through music. It just seems more obvious with Mogwai because the only way to describe them is by delving into your heart.

If you would like to submit art or writing to the artzine contact me at

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Thanks to the artists and writers for their contributions.
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