* Jiji's adventure series - vol.3 *
* "Jiji and the mysterious forest" *
* Chapter 2 - Jiji and the big tree *
* Jiji's adventure RPG System Ver.1.0E *
* Copyright(C)1994 JIJI *
* Tranlated by Hitoshi Ozawa *
* Japanese ver. Release 1994/06/13 *
* English ver. Release 1994/09/12 *

Requirement: MS-Windows3.1 or higher

Content of the story **********************************************
After leaving the little red riding hood, Jiji enters deeper into the forest. What's this?! There is a big big big tree blocking the his path. A violent storm must have passed through this forest not too long ago.
"Let me think. I dare not go into the thicket this deep and dark, but there doesn't seem to be any way around this tree. What should I do?" Sitting under the cherry tree, Jiji was completely at a loss on what he should do.

Message from the developer \(^o^)/ **********************************
Jiji To my international fans consisting of 2 or 3 users (of which the developer is counted as one), sorry to keep you waiting so long to bring out this new chapter. I want to thank makopon for drawing the beautiful pictures included in this chapter. I just begged makopon to spare some of makopon's busy schedule to draw them for me. You will clearly know which picture are makopon's because they just stand out from my very own (^^;. Furthermore, I began to find some flaws in Jiji Mystery System (^^;. I wrote this program on a machine that is slower then the 386 system (286+Cyrix^^;) and did not think about running it on a 486DX33 class machine. I recently bought a new machine in this class at a very suspicious looking store and tested my program out. When the screen came up, I found that the mouse pointer is very faintly displayed because of a bug in my program. I plan to fix the problem in the next version, so if you have a fast machine, please so on (_ _).

Good evening everybody. This time, as Jiji's assistance, I drew some pictures. I really wanted to redraw all the pictures to make them all balance out, but I was too busy and didn't have a time to get around to all the pictures. I'm very sorry Jiji. This time, I was contrainted to using only 16 colors and the picture didn't all come out the way I really wanted them to be. I really felt lack of technical drawing skills.

Hi, DZ here. Got late again with the dog voice (^_^; All the cry seems to sound the same so I only made one(^_^; I hope I made the deadline(^_^;

Dog's name: Chiro
Breed: Crossbreed
Recorded 94/04/16

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Adventures of Jiji - Series 1 Jiji's Fish Out Game
Adventures of Jiji - Series 2 Jiji and the Mysterious Forest - The Girl with the Red Hood
Please play with them too (^^)!

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Developers of this program will not take financial, legal, nor any other responsiblities for damages that may result from usage of this program.

Acknowledgement ****************************************
I want to thank Tetsu, makopon, NITARIS, and DZ for testing the beta version of the program (^^). I also want to thank Hitoshi Ozawa for the English version of this program.
I also want to thank everybody for sending me comments concerning chapter 1 of the adventure (_ _).

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Japanese: Jiji jcd02376@niftyserve.or.jp
English: Hitoshi Ozawa h_ozawa@bekkoame.or.jp
List of other Japanese software: http://www.bekkoame.or.jp/~h_ozawa

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