* Jiji's adventure series - vol.2 *
* "Jiji and the mysterious forest" Chapter 1 *
* *
* Jiji's adventure RPG System Ver.1.0 *
* Copyright(C)1994 JIJI Release 1994/04/16 *
* Translated by Hitoshi Ozawa *

Requirement: MS-Windows3.1 or higher
Correct color should appear properly on machines with only 16 colors.

"Jiji and the mysterious forest" is a sequence to "Jiji's fish???

Content of the story **********************************************
The main character of the story, a black cat named Jiji, continues on a adventure to find the country of fish. Recently, while starving in the meadow, Jiji sighted a school of fish flying by. Jiji eagerly sets out chase after them.

jiji is lost!

[Jiji] "Iiit's a fish!!!"
[Jiji] "Oh, no, they're swimming away. Wait for me----!(bumpX\!#&)"
Good gracious, dear me. Jiji, transfixed to the fish, didn't see that big round tree in front of his path.
[Jiji] "Oooooouch. Oh, no. They're heading into the forest"
Jiji, in fervor of chasing after a school of fish, found himself in front the the deep deep forest.
[Jiji] "Where did the fishes go?"
Jiji catches a glimpse of the fishes swimming ever deeply into the forest.
Jiji, mustering up his courage, decides to enters the forest.

Goal of the game ******************************************
Jiji enters the forest from the Northeast side. "The mysterious forest" is just the name Jiji uses to call the forest, and creatures of the forest calls it the camphor forest. This is because somewhere deep within the forest lives an age old camphor tree. Before he was born, the forest used to have a different name, but that was a long time ago. Unknown years has pasted since that name was uttered, that only few creatures now even remember the forest had a different name.
Oops, got a little bit sidetracked there, but the goal of this story is to pass through this camphor forest.

How to play!

Acknowledgement ****************************************
For finding bugs and giving other advices, I want to thank NITARIS, DZ, and MD-V-MAX. I want to thank DZ especially for the *.wav data (^_^)v.

Now for a message for DZ *********************************
Thank. I'm DZ. I promise Jiji that I'll record my cat's voice and made him wait a while. Sorry for that Jiji.

Profile of my cat:
Name: Mi-chan (^_^; simplistic name, isn't it. The real name seems to be Mi-ko.
Type: Tortoiseshell
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown - because she was a stray cat. Seems she's been here for about 9 years.
[WAVE recorded: April 5, 1994]

Copyright ****************************************************
Jiji adventure series programs is copyrighted by Jiji. This program can be distributed only in the original archieved formatted file. Do not change this file or any files within (^_-). If this file is going to be distributed, please send a mail to Jiji expressing your thoughts about the program. If this program is to be mentioned in any article, especially please send a mail. *.wav files are copyrighted by Mi-chan and DZ. Do not distribute *.wav files without the program. Developers of this program will not take financial, legal, nor any other responsiblities for damages that may result from usage of this program.

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