WILK002 - Tracer AMC
WILK003 - The Redneck Manifesto
WILK004 - Disoma/Escanna
WILK005 - Rumah Sakit
WILK006 - Errol's Brood
WILK007 - Jet Johnson
WILK008 - Reynolds
WILK009 - Tracer AMC
WILK010 - Barra Head
SRR010 - Sweep the Leg Johnny/Rumah Sakit
SRR016 - Hella/Dilute

Demos? Hmmm...... well put simply I like receiving them. However I only do 1 or maybe 2 releases a year and these tend to be with bands I know personally or who I've come across randomly. That said if I came across the right project at the right time then I'd definitely consider it. So feel free to send your demos in but please understand that while I listen to everything I receive it's unlikely I'll get in touch. There's tons of stuff I'd love to release if time and money allowed but I can't do everything and I therefore have to be incredibly choosy. So on this basis if you feel like you want to send something my way then please do so by all means and I'll have a listen, but if you're looking for a record deal then this is the wrong place! So my details are below if you fancy sending something my way. I'll consider pretty much anything so long as I love it!!


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