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the freed unit

The Freed Unit play a soothing type of bizarre pop music, kind of strangely trippy, with an interesting electronic edge and with its heart entirely in the right place. With many bands these days sounding, frankly, uptight and angry, perhaps you think it's time for something more pleasant? Well, throw away those ambient tree noise compilation CDs and buy some Freed Unit records instead. Because they're pleasant. And that's pleasant in the proper sense of the word - a pleasure to listen to - rather than pleasant as in bland or boring. You gotta love 'em, 'cos they sound like the music you think up in your head but never get around to recording. There's a ton of stuff available (check out their website), so you've got no excuses.

Play true or false with the Freed Unit...
Click the true or false buttons for the questions below, and then click the 'submit' button at the button, and find out exactly how knowledgable you are about the band. Full-on interactive madness!


  True False
1. The Freed Unit formed in 1996.
2. The Freed Unit are a pop group.
3. The Freed Unit are not a space/post/drone rock band.
4. The Freed Unit's first single, 'Getting used to not fitting in' was single of the month in Record Collector.
5. Two of the band are twins.
6. The bass player has ginger hair.
7. The band are based in Leicester.
8. Kramer (ex-Galaxie 500 producer) is a fan of the Freeds.
9. The Freed Unit record acoustic music.
10. The Freed Unit record electronic music.
11. Their single 'Widdershins' was number 31 in Peel's 1998 Festive Fifty.
12. The band have fans in Hong Kong, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and the US.
13. Their most obscure track is 'J&P Soul' on the 'Xmas 97' Bedazzled US promo CD.


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