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all tomorrow's parties 2004
Your chalet's catchphrase of the weekend

Tom: 'Have you seen Boogie Nights?'
(In Al Pacino voice) 'Fuuuuuuuuck you!' and 'Whatcha gonna do aboudit....asshole?!'

Jason: One of a number of Al Pacino quotes (Mr Tom Coogan's fault).  My personal favourite one being "why don't you buy a pack of gum, I'll teach you how to chew it".  That and "turn the fucking smoke alarm off"
Chris: Wake up Dave.
Simon: YOU FUCKIN MOOK!, I expect.
Marceline: COUGHCOUGHCOUGH. And 'When are we scheduling dinner?'
Dave: "That shower is pure fucking evil"
Adrian: 'That's like putting hub caps on a tractor'.
John: "Who wants to pop over to the shop to get a card for the electricty meter so I can have a shower and then maybe eat some food?"
Luke: "C-Y-B-O-R-G" after the Bryan May song of the same name.
Hugues: Abandon all hope, nooo!!!
Stu: MOOK. That and the bodily movement of the weekend, the Ultimate Stepover.
Most fun thing you did at the beach
Tom: Sat in the fucking freezing cold drinking beer with Chris, Chris and Gareth at 4 am (the photo's funny).
Jason: Walked back to the safety of our chalet.
Chris: Got philosophical with Steve Malley
Simon: Watched indie kids trying to climb the sand dunes and falling over repeatedly. I, on the hand, strode confidently across the scene like a hero.
Marceline: Watched Simon and Stu defacing some twee indie boy's sand drawings on Monday morning.
Dave: Breathed in. Didn't fall over.
Adrian: Didn't make it again. Too drunk on the Friday and couldn't be arsed after that.
John: Heckled a kiteboarder.
Luke: Walked around and ate a Twister.
Hugues: Play cricket. Not.
ChrisH: Breakfast the morning after.
Ady: Wkd 1: the only thing we did was to eat breakfast at the Kit Kat Cafe on the Monday morning, not really fun though. Wkd 2: didn't get as far as the beach, the weather was crap.
Stu: 'Enhanced' other people's meticulously drawn sand sculptures.

Part Chimp

Best thing you bought
Tom: Vod-ka!
Jason: A Chuckles key ring for the lady I love
Chris: Bombay Bad Boy
Simon: Well, the best thing I could've bought was one of a wide selection of merchandise in the Pontins shop which was basically pure abuse: keyrings stating "Spurs fan? I FUCKING HATE YOU!" and so on.
Marceline: The Lightning Bolt DVD. Except I still haven't actually watched it...
Dave: I only bought a packet of crisps, but at least they were Space Invaders.
Adrian: Toothbrush with an approximation of my name on it! I think it was Adam.
John: Didn't buy anything.
Luke: Probably the Wolf Eyes lathe cut 7" that was glued to a techno 12" that had the back of it scratched to fuck by a guitar string.
Hugues: Nothing, but I've been offered a magnificent key ring that reads "souvenir from Camber Sands" without any drawing or picture or actual souvenir in/on it, as well as a sugar candy that says "suck on this". It was my birthday.
ChrisH: The Boredoms hieroglyphics Tshirt and loads of records this year.
Ady: Vibracathedral Orchestra and Nina Nastasia stuff.
Stu: Stuffed hamster in a paper bag.
Who booked the best bands?
Tom: Tortoise, oddly.
Jason: Tortoise then Mogwai then a long way back Shellac (bad picks)
Chris: Tortoise. And Sonic Youth 2nd weekend
Simon: Mogwai.
Marceline: Mogwai for their symmetrical LOUD/QUIET split between the stages.
Dave: Tortoise.
Adrian: Mogwai, except for Lungfish though who were GREAT!
John: Tortoise.
Luke: Sonic Youth
Hugues: I'd say Tortoise
Ady: Close call between Tortoise and Mogwai. sonic Youth but the Foundation day was great too.
Stu: I'd go for Tortoise - I think their day had the greatest variety of different, interesting things to be seen, which in a way is the point of ATP. And they had BOREDOMS and LUNGFISH, who were two highlights for me.
Where are Lightning Bolt playing next?
Tom: Shea stadium
Jason: On a stage for a change hopefully.
Chris: Not ATP.
Simon: In a cupboard underneath somebody's stairs, I expect.
Marceline: The MOON.
Dave: Atop Mount Olympus.
Adrian: Chalet 355
John: A locked cupboard in the middle of boarded up house on a desert island underneath the ocean which is in space.
Luke: Probably in America.
Hugues: Providence USA, probably. That or my arse. Of course.
Ady: Somewhere fucking stupid
Stu: In a little spaceship in my EYES, like in Inner Space. Little sods. I can't sleep now.
Who do you think will curate next year, and who would you like it to be?
Tom: I heard a rumour that it's Jason Graham. Friday is headlined by Mr T, Saturday by Henry Rollins and Sunday by Millwall FC (and Jason).
Jason: Aphex Twin (time for another boring electronica year?) but I think Mike Watt would do a good job or obviously FUGAZI or MUDHONEY would be most fun of all.
Chris: I reckon it'll be The Fall but I think it should be me.
Simon: I think it will be Jake & Dinos Chapman, Vincent Gallo and Throbbing Gristle. I'd like it to be Stereolab, or Chris Summerlin.
Marceline: We decided on Stereolab. Also good would be Trail of Dead, Optimo or Nintendo.
Dave: I'd say Le Tigre, but haven't they just signed to Universal? Maybe Sleater Kinney should get the call-up instead. Personally, I'd like to see a little diversification: The Def Jux boys, Fennesz, Birchville Cat Motel, or maybe just Khanate. Or Andrew WK.
Adrian: well since the 2005 curators have been announced this is a little late. At least the curators look a little different. Have to wait until the line ups are announced before buying tickets though I think. For me personally I really don't know. I'm pleased I think though that they've thrown open the doors to new types of people. Might end up being terrible though!
John: Haven't they already decided? I think I'd be quite a good curator.
Luke: I bet they extend it to three weekends, and I bet RE-TG gets cancelled because of poor ticket sales. So I think it will be Throbbing Gristle, the Chapman brothers and Vincent Gallo. Am I right?
Hugues: I don't know, whoever won't invite Arcwelder I guess.
ChrisH: It should be Bjork.
Ady: I thought maybe PJ Harvey or Nick Cave would be involved and there were rumours of Vincent Gallo and the Chapman Brothers that since proved true. I'd like to see Captain Beefheart or John Peel.
Stu: I think it will be Jake & Dinos Chapman, Vincent Gallo and Craig Charles. I'd like Kathleen Hanna to do it, so she could put on loads of cool girl bands and Kill Rock Stars types, and I'm sure she'd have a few brilliant surprise too (reforming Bikini Kill for a one off would be a start). Wire would do a good job, I reckon - loads of cool bands along with all that electronica Colin Newman seems to be involved with on Swim.

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Sonic Youth/Cat Power photos by Jill at www.nunuworldmusic.co.uk
Part Chimp photo from www.partchimp.com
Shellac photo from here

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