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Archive for February, 2008

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Posted: February 20th, 2008, by Marceline Smith

(or, let’s all try out posting on the new blog!)

Listening: same old same old. I need something new. I also need a new stylus so I can listen to records again.

Reading: anything I can get my hands on, usually for free thanks to BookMooch. Kids fantasy and school books, design stuff, Badge Button Pin, Nylon magazine, approximately 4000 blogs.

Watching: LOST S4, Cloverfield, The Wire

Working on: badges and brooches, secret surprise gifts, diskant 10 year anniversary bash (this Summer!), zines (no, really), Oddments, Shopify.

Anticipating: February 29th – my last day of full time work! If you haven’t heard, I quit my job and will be doing the crafting and freelancing thing instead. Wish me luck! And if you need a nice unique handmade gift or a website designing then get in touch.

Self-promoting: my shop! Also my exhibition at The Park Gallery in Falkirk which finishes up end of February.

Atom Sunn Mother

Posted: February 10th, 2008, by Pascal Ansell

Well this has just put my faith back in life.

The Mother Dear disturbs my Coursework-Bedroom-Workingoncomputer strife – I’m happily playing ‘The GrimmRobe demos’ and I, slightly embarrassed, make a joke that it’s the latest release from our local church choir. Ho bloody ho. She brushed aside the shite joke, stopped for a moment and asked:

“Is it ‘Atom Heart Mother’?” (the record she grew up with)

“No, it’s some ‘drone-metal’ band called Sunn O)))” said I, obviously ommitting the brackets. I sighed and turned to my screen.

‘I quite like it’ she said.


No pie today

Posted: February 7th, 2008, by Marceline Smith

no pie today

Just to keep you updated – the new diskant is actually nearing completion and so you may notice some odd things going on in the next couple of weeks while we swap things over. The first part to launch will be an amalgamated blog of record reviews, films and all the usual nonsense. The new blog is so much better in terms of organisation, functionality and layout so I hope you like it. It does have a whole category dedicated to pie.

In the meantime, we are still not accepting review submissions. I am working on a new submission policy and all will be revealed soon.

Thank you for your patience!


Posted: February 5th, 2008, by Chris Summerlin


This makes me want to fucking puke. Of course, no one in England plays in shitty venues without a stage, plays in 5 bands, has a work ethic. No chance. We all just play on TV in quaint bands. Our ‘underground’ runs as deep as the Arctic Monkeys. How I wish American bands had the chances we have here.
There is an underground to the ‘underground’ in the UK that somehow connects popular culture of the last 10 years or more and no one ever gives it credit or even notices it. It takes in Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Foals. It even takes in Graham Coxon.